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Select from a variety of unique services or select a treatment session time from 30-120 minutes and we will create a custom treatment from our techniques based on your needs. If you don't see what you want or need help with booking, just give is a call at


We are happy to help and often have additional times available!

Additional packages available as well.

Of special note is that

Dr. Margaret does not accept tips as a DPT. All pricing is a flat rate.

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Post-Op Care & Lymph Drainage

Blue Lotus Wellness provides expert Lymphatic Drainage (Manual Lymph Drainage or MLD) and Post-Op care following plastic surgeries and procedures to the body and face.

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PlasmaMD Facial Aesthetics

PlasmaMD is a versatile skin tightening & rejuvenation treatment that effectively improves the appearance of loose & aging skin.

Wellness Spa

We offer a variety of wellness services and treatments including Lymphatic Wellness Massage, Massage Cupping, Aromatherapy Cocoons, Face Lift & Drainage, Foot Reflexology, & Graston Technique and other Soft Tissue Mobilization.


We can mix and match treatments to create a custom session just for you. 


Pre-Op Lymph Drainage

Lymph Drainage prior to your surgery helps create an optimal healing environment during your post-surgical journey.

MLD stimulates lymph pathways and helps open any pathways or areas that may be blocked or stagnant. It also stimulates the immune system and prepares the body for healing. 

Our Services
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