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Lymphatic Drainage Following Surgery

Blue Lotus Wellness provides expert Lymphatic Drainage (Manual Lymph Drainage or MLD) and Post-Op care following plastic surgeries and procedures to the body and face.


Most surgeries result in a temporary increase in fluid accumulation in and around the surgical region, but plastic surgeries, especially abdominoplasty and liposuction, are particularly stressful to our lymphatic and integumentary systems.

Our superficial lymphatic vessels lie just underneath the skin and are damaged and removed during liposuction. Surgical incisions can sever the lymph vessels as well.  Swelling accumulates quickly and the now compromised lymphatic system can no longer handle the increased load of fluid until it it is able to heal. Lymph drainage techniques can dramatically improve pain and fluid removal during the healing phases and reduce your risk of complications from persistent fluid under the skin. It is ideal to start within the first week after surgery to prevent persistent swelling but can also help with persistent pain and swelling anywhere from 1 week to 12 weeks or more after surgery. 


Dr. Margaret customizes all treatments based on your needs at each visit. Manual drainage techniques can be combined with negative pressure (suction) techniques as appropriate for you and your stage of healing. Dr. Margaret is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT-LANA) and is also certified in Advanced Lymphedema Management (ALM) through the Academy of Lymphatic Studies (ACOLS). She uses the Vodder technique of manual lymph drainage as well as other techniques specific to plastic surgery recovery. Included in your session are kinesiotaping to assist with fluid management as needed, compression advice and foam supplies, our special blends of skin and massage oils to promote healing and lymph drainage, scar management and mobilization, and techniques to address hard spots or fibrosis.  As a physical therapist, Dr. Margaret will also teach you how to perform techniques on yourself, manage scars, and safely return to activity. As your recovery progresses we can add soft tissue mobilization techniques, if appropriate, to help reduce pain and improve your overall mobility and skin texture. Ultrasound is also available. 

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Margaret can treat complex cases and preform re-routing of fluid as needed based on any existing lymphatic system compromise and around scars and toward drains. For the first few days after liposuction with open incisions, Dr. Margaret is skilled in the use of MLD and clean technique to promote fluid removal through the open incisions as well as through the lymphatic system. She is also skilled in scar management, management of hardened areas often present after surgery as well as treatment when open wounds, drains, and incisions are still present. Additional services for wound management and drain removal can be provided and coordinated with your physician. 

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