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Dr. Margaret Latham


Margaret Latham, DPT, CLT-LANA, ALM, MLD-PS
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Lymphatic System Specialist

Plastic Surgery Recovery Specialist

PlasmaMD Plasma Skin Rejuvenation Specialist

I have been a Physical Therapist for more than 25 years serving the Central Florida area. I became passionate about helping my clients recover from surgery, relieve pain, and restore function. I opened Blue Lotus Wellness to offer services and techniques to help my clients remove fluid after surgery, regain control over pain and debility, and improve their overall wellness.



Roxanne Brown
Expert Esthetician Since 2017

Skin Care Expert, Electrologist, and Laser Technician

Makeup Artist

I started my journey as an Esthetician in 2017 at Hollywood Beauty Institute where I studied skincare, electrolysis, and laser treatment. Prior to that I worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years as a makeup artist. I consider myself a multi-faceted businesswoman and my passion is providing awesome customer service to my clients and helping them achieve the best results to maintain flawless skin. I enjoy having an ongoing relationship with my clients and helping empower them to pamper themselves! After all, pampering is a need in life, not a want. I look forward to a great relationship with you!

Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymph Drainage

& Expert Post-Op Care

after Surgery

I was able to see Dr. Margaret a few days after my tummy tuck. I started feeing better right away and was in great shape after just a few weeks. 

- Steph

I went to Blue Lotus Wellness Center and got an actual lymphatic drainage massage. Margaret was amazing. She has more knowledge of the lymphatic system than anyone I've gone to yet. Also she thoroughly explained everything she was doing during our session. I immediately felt the difference as I was expelling water for the rest of the day and the next. Lastly she is very upbeat and has a very positive demeanor. I recommend 1000% and bought a package of 10 massages on the spot ar an unbeatable price. Thank you Margaret!

- Mona


Dr. Margaret helped me after my surgeon recommended lymphatic drainage. The techniques were soothing and quickly helped me reduce the swelling and pain. 

- Danni

Thanks for all your answers I chose Margaret Barnett Latham  at Blue Lotus Wellness and I could of made a better choice. My first appointment with her was awesome she explained every move she made and things in reference to the body and my surgery that I wasn’t even aware of. I went to her after not having a message for over a week d/t personal reasons swollen tummy and flanks with pain. After her taking her time and really caring about me and not just a dollar bill I feel like I’m on the right path. She taught me and my husband how to move fluids in between my appointments. I can go on and on. I drove an hour and a half for my appointment and I don’t regret any part of it. Thank you Margaret for accepting my appointment on such short notice.

- Tammie

My doctor recommended that I get lymph drainage after my liposuction. I was afraid it would be painful, but it definitely wasn't. It was very relaxing and Dr. Margaret helped reduce both my pain and swelling. 

- Valerie

Holy Moly! Look no further. Perhaps the best lymphatic drainage massage I ever had. Dr. Margaret is knowledgeable, professional, peaceful, caring and doesn’t mind a little hard work to get the best results. She studied different techniques before working on me which proves she is constantly working on bettering her services. She has healing hands and and is so sweet and super well rounded in lymphedema care. When she kneads your muscles, trust me that you have never felt pain as pleasurable! She gifted me foams, and even handmade side foams to take home. From the moment you reserve your experience is top notch. They excel at communication. Their prices are more than fair, you get more than what you pay for. They take their time to get to know you and call you by your name. It is clear they love working with people and are dedicated to their craft.

- Carmen



368 Moore Rd | Ocoee FL | 34761

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